Online Surveys

Online Surveys

I/H/R Research Group can help you make your next online research project a success, from the bidding stage, through programming, and survey deployment. There is a lot to consider and many pitfalls to watch out for. As a first step, we will help you determine if the project is fully feasible online and recommend solutions if it is not. For example, many smaller geographic areas (individual counties, cities, etc.) have insufficient online sample to conduct many studies based upon targeting criteria such as age, income, and ethnicity. And, if online feasibility is insufficient, we can discuss mixed-mode data collection options via a combination of online and CATI – for either the consumer or business-to-business studies.

Since online sampling is technically non-probability in nature, we will help you understand the effects of sample coverage and set expectations. We are happy to assist you with establishing quotas to increase demographic coverage using the latest census data. I/H/R also offers full programming capabilities in Qualtrics and can even help streamline surveys that are already programmed. We offer full-service data collection or sample-only, the choice is yours.

Contact us today for a quote on your next online project at [email protected] or at 714-368-1884.

Business Sampling

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