Targeted Sampling

Pure Probability Based Research

When representation is of key importance, social scientists, market researchers, and political pollsters need to conduct interviews based upon a sampling frame that is entirely representative of the population or universe being studied. Thus, all interviews must be drawn from a list or database that allows for all persons to have an equal chance of being selected. This does not mean simply selecting sampling units at random from a database or online panel. Random selection alone does not mean that the sample from which interviews will be conducted will be probability based. Examples of probability sampling include RDD (Random Digit Dial) and ABS (Address Based) sampling.

Non-probability based samples are technically convenience samples and although they may be drawn at random, they are not entirely representative of the universe under study. This can lead to sampling error and can cause your research to inaccurately represent reality. Examples of non-probability sampling include online panels, listed or targeted sample, and white page sampling.

I/H/R Research Group can assist you with your next research project that requires strict representation and sampling accuracy. Many government and academic based research projects require probability sampling. Contact the data collection experts at I/H/R Research Group to discuss the correct methodology for your next project at [email protected].

Business Sampling

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