Wireless Data Collection

TCPA Compliant Wireless Data Collection

I/H/R Research Group is proud to offer 100% TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) compliant solutions for surveying wireless phones. We do not use predictive dialers, power dialers, auto dialers, or any other assisted-dialing techniques which may jeopardize TCPA compliance. In fact, we do so much wireless data collection that our entire call center is TCPA compliant. We have a variety of solutions regarding wireless/cell data collection that can help you become more representative in your research. Contact our research team today to discuss how RDD (Random Digit Dial) sampling, targeted wireless sampling using Enhanced-Wireless™, and blended techniques can help reduce non-coverage and increase overall projectability of your research.


Need help staying TCPA compliant? STS Wireless Pre-ID™ can help.


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